Robros is a robot-themed, action-strategy shooter where you control two robots to get them to fight their way out of a factory filled with rogue robots. The gameplay is split in two phases: planning and action.



  • Implemented the FPS module from scratch.
  • Implemented the payload movement mechanic.
  • Conducted design meetings and responsible for many design decisions in the game.
  • Created and implemented  FPS animations in the game.
  • Worked on lighting and environment of each level.
  • Responsible for weekly standup meetings and assigning tasks.
  • Also responsible for setting up and managing source control (GIT) for the project.


  • Unity


  • Producers : Leigh Chan
  • Artists : Saurabh Tanna, Franzi Wischmann, Kaushal Magodia
  • Engineers : Suwas Walve, Ameya Gadkari, Vikram Singh, Ajinkya Dhote, Yashasvi Rawal, Rohan More